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About the ARTIST


As long as Darla can remember she has been a  child she could be found creating small villages with stones and twigs by the creek-side. She often carried a sketchbook and pencils to catch a scene or object from nature... spending hours with her crayons, watercolors and sewing for her dolls.


As an adult, Darla redesigned & remodeled multiple homes for clients

and her personal properties, which fed her desire to create.  She also opened a Hypnotherapy and Lifestyle Architect practice for women.

However, the  deep desire to create in a more meaningful way just wouldn't go away.   She starting out slowly experimenting with watercolor medium, then  sculpting and eventually wrote the book that changed her life.

Today you can find Darla in her Art Studio most days, doing what she calls her "BLISS Zone" by creating intuitive abstract and contemporary paintings.

Imagining what could it be....  

"I make ART because I need to... it stretches me... it fulfills my desire to create from my heart to yours".

- Darla Claire



When placing paint on to the canvas Darla starts by playing with colors, marks and designs.  It's her way of loosening up and waiting for the 'clue, a vision, her imagination' of what the painting wants to be. 

Once this happens she knows her Muse is in the lead and the magic of the flow seems to happen. 

Darla uses many layers of paint, usually acrylic. Sometimes you will find ink marks, crayons, oil sticks, pastels, charcoal and occasionally other mediums, such as old book pages, gold leaf, sheet music and love letters attached to the canvas in the process of creating.


... 'involving or causing a complete or dramatic change'.

Darla Claire is a long time advocate for women and has held workshops with a focus on women's issues, setting a solid foundation for creativity and freedom.

She describes her personal 'download' from the Divine, as life saving.  She was caught in-between her negative self  (the Saboteur) and her spirit guide (the Muse). The process she was given, literally changed the direction of her life and her art.

Darla shares her personal story in her award winning* book, 'I CHANGED MY MIND... IT CHANGED MY LIFE,  a story of a Saboteur, a Muse and the Woman in-between'

* Darla Claire was awarded the international KOPS_FETHERLING BOOK AWARD

2020 Phoenix Award

for best new author in the category

Mind, Body & Spirit

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