A LifeSkills Project that eliminates negative self talk and promotes self confidence.

The Saboteur~Muse Project is a powerful course that includes step-by-step processes on how to overcome different aspects of self-sabotage and access your innate wisdom and intuition.  Throughout the course you will learn how to:


Overcome Self-Sabotage

Break through Toxic and Limiting Emotions

Uncover Unconscious Patterns

Discover and develop your Muse and hear your Soul Nudges

Feel safe in the face of FEAR

Make peace with your Pain and your Past

Embrace standing in your Personal Power

Discover your SUPER POWER

Enhance your Creativity

Have clearer 'Thinkng"

Get Unstuck

Heal the disconnect between your Saboteur, your Muse and You

Accept and Love ALL "PARTS" of Yourself

and more...



Stop Negative Self Talk

Increased Self Image

Have better relationshops

Know your Truth

Tune out External Critics

More Benefits....

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Super Charge Your Business Better Client Rapport

Increase Bottom Line

Tame the negative self-talk within and experience personal empowerment, freedom, and turning your dreams into reality.   A step-by-step program that walks you through the process of discovering who your inner Saboteur is and how to turn the negative self-limiting beliefs into one of support and empowerment with your Muse. 


The Saboteur

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you wanted to do, only because you told yourself that you shouldn't do it?

You shouldn't do it because you wouldn't be able to do it?

You aren't smart enough?

You're not educated enough?

You aren't pretty/handsome enough?

You'll embarrassment yourself!

You're too old! You're too young!

You're too fat/too skinny! 

No one will take you seriously!

You'll make a fool out of yourself!

No one likes you!

People will be talking behind your back!

You aren't good at making friends!

Why even bother!

AND it can go on (even in a whisper).....

You'll never be any good at it. 

Don't waste your time.

You're limited.

Best to play it safe.
You have too many other things to do that more important.

This is a stupid thing to want. 

It's too hard. 

You're not smart enough.

You can't do what you want, because too many people are depending on you.

You will never have the money you want.

You're not creative & dont have a creative bone in your body.

You eat too much.

You're a loser. 

You'll fail.

There's too much competition.

Dreams are just that, dreams and they never come true for you.

And on and on and most often it goes on for years....

Negative and limiting thoughts we all believe from time to time (well most the time), to the ones that are constant and we end up maneuvering our life around to avoid; failure, embarrassment, stress, etc.  The Saboteur (your Saboteur) is running your life!   Maybe not all of it,  but much of it and most of all, we don't even realize it!   


Isn't it time to put the Saboteur in its place and start living your life in such a way  you feel real confidence, empowered, and  free from beating yourself up?  Are you ready to do those things that you really want to do?  If you are, then get ready to finally get that monkey off your back (the Saboteur) and out of your head!

Discover how to stop the thoughts you have that are limiting you and Sabotaging you  from really loving the life you live.  Gain a self-confidence that you've never experienced before, a "knowing" of who you really are.























The Saboteur~Muse Project™ is a Life-Skills course project that helps you to recognized thoughts you have and if they are true or false, if those thoughts are helpful or harmful.  Taking those limiting thoughts and turning them into a part of you that can help you instead of harm you, NO MORE SELF SABOTAGE!  Learn to follow your intuition and learn how to develop and discover your Muse (your Spirit Guide) and  the REAL you!


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To truely be SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS and in LIFE, one must fully EMBRACE one's ENTIRE self, have confidence and a 'KNOWING' that only comes from 'BEING' who you really are: 




Before the Saboteur entered your life, the Muse was with us at BIRTH.   Our Muse has always known what we want, what we need in order to live a life we love.   We are all born different, but we all have a Muse, one that is perfectly perfect for each and every one of us.  During the Saboteur~Muse Project, you'll learn more about your Muse.  Learn how to access the wisdom of your Muse when ever you want it, need it & just to hang out with it.  


So who exactly is our Muse?  Dictionaries gives us this basic definition:  A spirit source that inspires, Greek Mythology goddess who preside over the arts and sciences and the mind.  

The Saboteur~Muse Project™ brings out the Muse and you are given the tools to turn your Muse into your best friend.  Someone who is always with there for your and encourages you to do what you love, discover your passions (if you don't already know what it is) and define your calling in life and know what your "SUPER POWER" is that is Uniquely You!

The RESULTS are YOU embrace yourself completely with SELF-LOVE, SELF -APPRECIATION, SELF CONFIDENCE and a WISDOM that changes your world.  You'll have improved personal relationships, improved  'critial and creative thinking', and improved bussiness skills.   





It begins when we are young and grows until we finally decide to take our life back! 

The Saboteur Muse Project™ by Darla Claire, CMHt, Lifestyle Architect
Our Muse has always been with us, it's just that our Saboteur is louder & bigger.
Learn to Listen to our Muse, who's intentions are always good.