Offering single and multiple sessions.  First FREE 20 minute session consists of interview to determine best plan of action for you.  AND you have complete Privacy by way of  phone or ZOOM/skype/FaceTime.  Subsequent sessions can be in office,  on Location (set)  if  preferred.


General hypnotherapy sessions work great for specific single issues, ie. weight, PTSD, etc


Office locations are in Ashland, Oregon,  Los Angeles, California and on site.

Private Event/Workshops/Speaker


Workplace facilitation of  a customized seminar/workshop for your downline and employees.


Want to put your own group together?   Darla specialize in women's groups from 3 to 300. Working as the single keynote to co-facilitating with other speakers & facilitators.




COACHING is like having your own Personal  Trainer.  It provides feedback, clarity, accountability and a clear path to a specifc desired outcome.    The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in a person's  life, relationships or profession, by examining what is going on right now. Where you'll discover what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be, so you can embrace your "Uniquely U" self.




Receive a full day of personal attention to your desire for a better life and lifestyle.  Embark on a journey of discovery, personal growth and profound inner transformation. Learn how to connect with your Inner Guidance System and Higher Self while breaking through blocks, emotional baggage and self limiting beliefs.   Unleash your creativty, personal freedom and increase your natural intuition.  Re-evaluate your Values; Release 'others' agendas; live your own Spirit Values.

Learn powerful tools that can empower you with confidence, passion and the wisdom to move forward in a new direction (with personal plan) with ease and create a life that you love to live. 

CREATE YOUR FUTURE NOW  Imagine creating your future and actually have the tools to put it on autopilot, a 'Set it and Forget it" Technology for your mind.   You need to spend time learning the techniques and going through the exercises. But if you take time to work with these techniques… you’ll find that they address many of the missing areas in other self-help techniques and programs.  Learn how to create the future you want by literally programming it into your unconscious and making it happen. If this sounds impossible to you… it’s actually based on very solid science. First, we have already established that in order to achieve our goals, we need to remove any limiting beliefs contrary to our goals. The first part of Time Line Therapy® helps you do just that by dealing with past issues.  Next, you need to set up your goal such that it is believable for you.  With the techniques taught in The Secret of Creating Your Future®, you are actually implanting a highly effective suggestion in your unconscious mind for your goal to happen.

Divine Guide of the Saboteur~Muse Project™

Tame the negative self-talk within and experience personal empowerment, freedom, and turning your dreams into reality.   A step-by-step program that walks you through the process of discovering who your inner Saboteur is and how to turn the negative self-limiting beliefs into one of support and empowerment with your Muse. 


Results not limited to: A Life-Skills Project providing tools that eliminates negative self talk and promotes self confidence. Changes  behavior based upon a new higher self image.   Clearer thinking and higher energy. Enhances individual creativity  and cognitive reasoning.  Can help with reducing effects of PTSD. 


This is offered in condensed Full Day workshops, corporate retreats and a Six week on-line course.    * Coming soon is CEU certification credits.


We are now offering selected individuals to become licensed facilitators of this life altering  program.  Contact us today for more info on the one of a kind, life changing program.



Total Immersion Creativity Retreat

Immerse yourself in a journey of creative enrichment.  “Return to the Core of your Being - Creative and Empowered”

While making art  (painting/designing/drawing), creative writing, creative visualization and intuitive exercises, attending a show of performing arts, and creative culinary offerings of the Region.

For three full days you will put your critical mind (left brain) aside and enjoy the journey of nurturing your creative spirit (right brain).   We will be exercising, but not in the normal sense, instead the focus is on right brain exercises, tools & lessons. 


Benefits: The more we use our 'Creative' side , the easier and faster it is to think “outside the coup”.  New ideas to solve problems and be innovative in work and your personal lives. 

Each creative exercise builds upon the other, and by the end of the retreat you will have experienced a TOTAL IMMERSION OF CREATIVITY  unlike any other women's retreat in the United States.   NOTE: we do not have lectures ~ instead we have CONVERSATIONS and hands-on experience which has been a proven technique to provide the most beneficial type of learning and enhances the creativity in you to bubble to the surface.



Certified Master in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linquistics Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and Time Line Therapy® by the TAD JAMES CO. SCHOOL Of NLP, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine Therapy®


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