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darla claire, hypnotherapy, creativity, nlp life coach

Darla has created a powerful and transforming program in the Saboteur ~ Muse Project. Darla is easy and elegant in her presentation style and the work I did continues to free me to move into greater levels of creativity and JOY. Saboteur ~ Muse Project has opened me to a freedom of expression I am enjoying beyond anything I expected.

Meridian K

Medical Business Consultant







This work with Darla Claire is Lifechanging.  I am so excited about this project and I really enjoyed our sessions.  My work with Darla has given me some much needed breakthroughs!


 Ellen  S.

 Massage Therapist









I have attended many  workshops but Darla's takes the cake!  She is a creative genius, shows you how to weave both left and right brain into a powerhouse force of nature!  If you are ready to tap into your whole new and fabulously unique brilliance, take a workshop or private sessions!


Angie H

Woman Wife Mom Coach






In most therapy sessions unless the 'patient' and the therapist have a composite or an agreement...a healing cannot take place. Darla Claire knows how to create a place of 'safety', a place of agreement that is held so the healing can take place. She has the best of what it takes to be that facilitator for healing; Intuition, the tools and the right skill to use for healing. Darla is sensitive to your needs but not afraid to move into where it might hurt. She is innovative, kind, understanding and works in a very comprehensive and easy way.  

I received perspective and insight which I am using every day. I noticed from the very beginning after our first session the difference in my choices and myself. There was a natural shift.  

Darla Claire knows her stuff!


                               Phyllis H.

         Realtor & Estate Sales





Darla Claire  helped me to really focus my energy on what my talents are, what I really want and what I need to get there.  I learned how much power there is in 'setting my intentions' as a major step in making my dreams a reality.  She helped me plant seeds in my career path, that in a very short time I have seen bloom in abundance. Thank you Darla!


Amy H.

High School Principal & Counselor



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"Darla's work is amazing. She helped me look deeply into my darkness and trauma with courage. 

Her session helped me connect and communicate more deeply with my spirit guides.

I was blown away because it happened long distance, as our session was online.

I highly recommend tapping into her work. So powerful!!!


She provides a peaceful approach to facing and resolving the intensity that often gets buried below the surface.   I learned so much from our sessions and it has helped me grow in many ways."

Much Love and Blessings,

Alicia H

darla claire, women's self-improvement specialist, artist, lifestyle architect

I worked with Darla on a specific topic for my business and the clarity, creativity and care I recieved was a big relief to me.  She  helped me to focus on what was most imperative (via Values), gave me much needed "mindshifts"  for my business and the results were not only more than I expected but my personal outlook on my life has been changed in an awesome way.  Thank you Darla Claire!


                                                                    Liz K.


I had the pleasure of working with Darla earlier this year, and was so happy with our work together.  Her guidance through several issues has freed me from conflicts in both my personal and professional life. Especially working through some past life and tramatic events in this one.


Since my therapy with Darla, my creativity has blossomed, and I've been on a journey in foreign lands, opening myself to rich and beautiful experiences as I put my fears aside to feel the joy of living, unhindered by past traumas and all the little things in life that can add up if we fail to clear them.


Not only has her professional effort paid off for me, but she works with such love, that any client will become a friend.  If you have any stuck places, I encourage you wholeheartedly to contact Darla and begin your journey to freedom.  She will not disappoint.


Karen J.

Author, Editor

& Publicist





Darla, I hope everyone who wants to expand themselves has a chance to experience your coaching and retreats.  I appreciate how you use art and other right-brain activities to facilitate deeper awareness and to unleash creativity.  I took your  workshop eight months ago and I still retain a vivid image of the tree you invited me to draw, a symbol of my business and its outreach. You allow people to explore, you make it safe to share, and you anchor the work practically with next steps. Thank you!

Laura D






Darla Claire, has created a powerful program to identify and safely change how and when your brain reacts and responds to such situations and can help you see the Real You in the Mirror.  Thank you Darla for helping me to remember who I really am and what I want. My Muse (the real me) is always seeking ways to "Creatively Create Expansion Opportunities for Growth "in my self and my Business.”


Private Client

Corp Business Owner





Darla is a extraordinary outside-the-box thinker and savvy business woman.  Her powerful commitment to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs continues to make her a pioneer in her community and the world at large.  She stands boldly for women and their financial success & full creative expression.   She inspires me!


Susan P.

Communication Trainer & Project Facilitator




Darla and I worked together allowing me to release old emotions connected with the many deaths I went thru as a child and young adult.  I highly recommend working with her.... she's fun, compassionate, understanding, and truly gifted with her profession.


Denise R.

Women Calls One  &

Independant Film Producer