'Taking the Stage'

Whether you are an actor or someone who's up in from of an audience it matters how you think before the  "show" begins.


Have you experienced this?

You can't get those parts, or jobs you audition and apply for!

You get stage fright & have a fear of speaking?

In a very short time   you CAN

You CAN feel confident in your abilties!

You can create a future that you want!

You can stop the negative self-talk that's been keeping you stuck & stagnet in your career!


Are you tired of thinking this?


Uggh! Why can't I seem to get that Part!

Are you struggling to give your best in auditions ?  

Do you worry about forgetting your lines or your speach?  

Is the constant competition for work taking a toll on your self-confidence? 

Do you fear that your voice or body will give out at the worst possible moment? 

Have you had a performance disaster you can't seem to put behind  you?  

Do the symtoms of "fear", (i.e. racing heart, sweating, nervousness, hard to breath, hard to concentrate) seem overwhelming and get in the way of your success?


If you answer YES to any of these,  just know that you're not alone. 


Self doubt affects most performers and entertainment industry professionals,  at some point in their careers.  It's how you respond to this challenge to skill, control and creativity that determins whether you can move forard as a better performer.   It may be that you've always struggled with stage fright in some form, or that you've only recently experienceded it.    You may be generally coping with it, but it may be negatively  affecting your sense of wellbeing,  overall health and even your relationships.


Whatever your specific situation, hynotherapy is very effective in addressing issues that involve fear.  This is because it can help you to regain control of your thoughts and feelings, so you can start to feel calm and stable again.  It helps you to manage and resolve the negative physical, mental and emotional effects of stage fright; replacing them with a state of relaxation and calm confidence.   This also applies when you are "thinking" of frightening situations and when you're actually in them (i.e. audition, rehersal, live performance, recording or filming or promotional activity), and how you view them after the event. 


Using hypnotherapy to resolve stage fright can help you to:


          increase self-confidence

          improve your recall and learning time

          reduce anxiety

          rediscover the feeling of flow necessary for confidence performance

          make use of travel/waiting time to mentally rehearse and review performance

          use all aspects of performance (successes and mistakes) to your advantage

          strengthen discipline and patience

          reduce reliance on negative coping strategies, such as, drinking, drugs,

          over/under  eating, exercising and smoking


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